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What is NIOX Swarm?


It is a liquidity mining protocol to crowdsource liquidity incorporating a marketplace-based approach to market maker compensation


This improves matching efficiency between liquidity buyers and sellers by connecting liquidity buyers (sponsors) & sellers (market makers). Simply put - Provide liquidity and earn rewards!

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Get Started

Participating in a Swarm campaign is easy, here are the few steps to follow to start earning rewards.

Step 1

Connect to the NIOX Maker using your Web3 wallet account.

Step 2

Connect your Maker Module with the API keys (trading & read-only) of the exchange(s) you want to use.

Step 3

Select the trading pair that is listed on Swarm.

Step 4

Run your sessions during the time specified in each campaign terms.

Step 5

Track your progress in the NIOX Maker dashboard and spread the word about Swarm! not mandatory but appreciated :)

Step 6

At the end of the campaign receive rewards to your MetaMask account that you used for running NIOX Maker.

Need Liquidity?

Become a NIOX Swarm Partner and connect with hundreds of liquidity providers.
Get better depth, better volume, and better spreads.

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is Swarm?

Swarm is a liquidity mining protocol, a marketplace driven approach to market making to efficiently crowdsource liquidity. The initiative is very simple - the more liquidity and volume user brings, the more rewards he will get.

Are there any guidelines for NIOX Maker?

Yes, you can check NIOX Maker guidelines here.

Do I need to have both pairs in order to run NIOX Maker?

Yes, in order for the NIOX module to place orders for both buy and sell, you should have both coins in your portfolio.

Are the rewards calculated automatically?

Yes, you don’t need to do anything in that regard.

How are the rewards calculated?

Liquidity and volume generation rewards are calculated based on orderbook snapshots taken every minute. Details about reward calculation algorithm will be published.